Integration Project Consulting

EIS serves the needs of projects with clear Associate CIO sponsorship through its project consulting service. We engage with the functional and technical project leads to provide in-depth support during the planning and design stage of integration solutions. Together, we explore the considerations involved in API architecture and design and understand their implications.

EIS helps clients address the following web service design questions:

  • How to create a service, what are the common service styles, and what is the best style to be used for the use case?
  • How can clients and services communicate?
  • How can information about a service be discovered?
  • How can services be designed to support the continuing evolution of business logic without forcing clients to constantly upgrade?
  • What are the options for implementing service logic, and when should a particular approach be used?
  • How can generic functions like authentication, authorization, validation, caching, logging, and monitoring be supported?

As needed by the project, we further undertake to develop the API or messaging solution resulting from the service design work.

Integration Design and Development

EIS staff are the campus experts for analyzing, defining, developing, and maintaining solutions that integrate systems and data for more secure, reliable, and streamlined services.

For projects with clear sponsorship involving core campus systems-of-record we coordinate with the campus IT leadership to design and develop end-to-end integrations.

Integration Strategic Consulting

API Strategy Consulting

This service is intended to provide guidance to service providers and consumers as they seek to understand and integrate APIs in the medium- and long-term strategies of their organization. It can be used to review existing efforts and to guide future plans with an eye towards ensuring relevance to the campus' architectural plans.

EA Advisory Body Consulting

As the campus begins its efforts to engage in Enterprise Architecture (EA), EIS is positioned as a resource for planning and accomplishing a service-based environment. Our areas of expertise include the best use and management of APIs and messaging, designing of services to best model the capabilities of the campus business units, and enabling centralized security and fine-grained authorization.