API Management

Together, EIS's Nginx Reverse Proxy Service and API Central Portal form a platform that enables campus APIs to be easily discovered, well-documented, easy to use, secured, monitored, and metered.

API consumers can find and explore APIs on the API Central portal, where reverse proxy simplifies and standardizes endpoint URIs.  API providers and data stewards can control access to an API using the API Central Portal's authentication service, and can limit usage and mitigate abuse using its metering service.

Furthermore, we've developed a real-time API monitoring platform that informs us (and the API provider as requested) when availablity of a service resource is misbehaving, and displays throughput on an easy-to-read dashboard.

When to use the API Management portal

  • You have built an API and want it to be discovered and used by developers in the campus community
  • Your API needs to be secured using secret credentials
  • Your API needs to be metered to protect against abuse