Problems with the API Management service transition to AWS that have been permanently solved.

Double Dashes in Chartstrings Blocked

On the new gateway, the Chart of Accounts API responds with a 403 error whenever I submit a chartstring that leaves out an optional code.


The Chart of Accounts API endpoints accept a chartstring as a query parameter or part of an xml request payload. A chartstring is comprised of seven separate codes combined into a single string in any of three ways:

Delimited with dashes: 1-55221-19900-26412-44-EEMSIN-ELJLV Delimited with...

API gateway unreachable from RFC1918 networks

When accessing the new API Gateway, hosts that use RFC1918 IP addresses on the campus network–and do not have Internet connectivity–will receive connection errors (e.g., "Could not resolve host", "Host[name]|Server not found", "ConnectionError", "SocketError: Failed to open TCP connection", "UnknownHostException", "ENOTFOUND").


The new API Gateway is no longer hosted on campus and API calls require connectivity to the global Internet. Some networks on campus use ...

Unexpected responses when "app_id" header key is capitalized

If you send access credentials via request headers, and don't use lower snake case for the app ID (e.g., you send "App_id" instead of "app_id"), you may not receive the expected fields in the response. This is due to how our DataPower fine grained authorization appliance identifies accounts with access to redacted fields.


While all field names should be case-insensitive (see RFC 9110, 5.1 Field Names), a current misconfiguration in the new gateway is causing a subtle problem when "...