Developer Engagement

You’ve built a great API, and we've got your operational bases covered, but having an API doesn’t matter if nobody uses it.

Campus developers are the best source of input and feedback—positive and negative—for integration solutions. We constantly work to make developers successful, helping to build a strong integrations ecosystem on campus.

Strategic Engagement

We engage with developers throughout the OneIT community to promote the use of modern, secure, and reliable systems integration methods. Our architects are active members of University and EduCause architecture and integration workgroups, contributing ideas on topics ranging from the nuts-and-bolts of managing APIs to architectural integration pattern development.

Project Engagement

To assist with projects involving core campus systems-of-record, we provide communication, outreach, and education functions to ensure campus developers make best use of new integrations. After projects end and major systems become operational, we continue to serve as a resource for the developer community for learning best practices and resolving integration incidents.