Developer Portal (API Central)

API Central provides vital management functions so providers can just develop and serve their API.

Berkeley's developer portal:

  • Displays the API on a central site to make it easy to discover
  • Provides detailed and interactive documentation so the API is easy to use
  • Manages access tokens to the API for security and privacy

To use this service for your API, contact us at We'll get you set up so you can configure access and publish full documentation.

For help on using the portal, see the Help sections on API Central.

API Discovery

Developers can browse and search the APIs available on API Central.

screenshot showing Browse APIs iconscreenshot showing API search functions

Clicking on any particular API icon displays an overview and navigation to requesting access and documentation.

screenshot showing API overview

Interactive Documentation

API Central's "interactive docs" are based on the OpenAPI specification. They document each method & endpoint of the API, and allow you to test parameter usage and see how both requests and responses are formatted using a “Try it out” feature.

screenshot showing interactive API documentation

Access Management

Anyone with a CalNet identity (including SPAs) can log on to API Central and request access to an API via "credentials." Requests include information about technical contacts, client application security, and functional purpose. These are routed to the Data Owner responsible for the API via ServiceNow, with email notifications sent to all stakeholders at each step in the workflow.

screenshot showing API credentials management