New Developer Portal & API Gateway Officially Released (08/16/22)

Key Facts:

New developer portal is here!

The revised “API Central” developer portal is now available for your use. All API settings and documentation, as well as all of your existing API access credentials have been transferred over to the new platform. Remember, though, that only the last four characters of your app_keys are stored in the dev portal now, and any changes you make there apply only to the new platform.

New API gateway is here!

The new AWS API Gateway is also now available for your use. It manages access to and directs API calls to the same backend services as the deprecated gateway, so you should experience no significant differences. AWS security features are more robust, though, so you may find that outdated clients or slightly improper calls that were tolerated before no longer are. With the campus wide “no-fly” zone restricting us all from making production level changes, you have a few weeks to try it out in your test environments and see what changes you may need to make. And you have three months (until November 11) to make any needed changes and switch all of your client calls over to the new gateway.

We’re here!

We want to help you with any bumps in the road you might encounter during this transition phase, so please contact us with any question, concern, or suggestion at all. You can email us at (which generates a ServiceNow ticket), or ping us on Slack at Berkeley iT channel “# api-transition-help.” And don’t forget about our “open office hours” via Zoom on Friday mornings at 9-10 am (through at least September 9) if you want to discuss things “face to face.”

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at or # api-transition-help on Slack.