Comunications concerning the API Management service transition to AWS.

Details on Developer Portal Changes. (08/10/22)

Berkeley’s API Developer Portal, “API Central,” is changing only slightly as part of our new platform project, but the improvements are important to note as they may require changes in your operations. They involve enhanced security practices for API availability management and credential secrets management.

These both show up in the dev portal user interface in an API’s details. For this...

This Time We Really Mean It! (11/11/22)

Key Facts: This time we really mean it You need to secure your API credential secrets A proxy for use with private networks is coming

countdown from 6 to 1

This time we really mean it

The deadline for changing all of your applications to make API calls through the new gateway (...

Quantum Leap in Applications Switched (10/14/22)

Key Facts: We've measured a "quantum leap" in applications using the new gateway No new bugs or workarounds this week

simple diagram showing how an electron makes a quantum leap

Since our last update, the number pf applications fully using the new gateway has shot up to 36%! And more and more of you seem to have successfully completed testing too–of...

API Gateway Transition: Status at the Midpoint (10/07/22)

Key Facts: Five weeks remain to switch to the new API gateway and secure your credentials. We've discovered and squashed several bugs. We want (and need) your feedback. Blue pill or Red pill?

It's been a busy two months since we officially released the new developer portal and API service gateway. A good number of you all have at least dipped your toe in...

Introducing API Central's New Platform Project (06/21)

We're transitioning from a mix of platforms to full use of the Amazon Web Services cloud platform.

While most changes are occurring behind the scenes and will be transparent to our clients, we'd like to familiarize you with the project, highlight the impacts, and preview upcoming communications.

Benefits Lower cost

Due to economies of scale, paying only for actual use rather than fixed capacity, and more automated operational tasks, our costs will be drastically reduced by moving to the public cloud....

New Platform Transition on Hold. (07/21)

On June 15 you received an email about Engineering & Integration Services’ (EIS) transition from a mix of platforms to full use of Amazon Web Services and the impacts that it will have on you and your teams as API providers and/or consumers. In that email, we previewed anticipated milestones for mid-July and mid-October.

Subsequent to that announcement, EIS learned that we will be joining Campus Applications & Data, a new IT unit led by Executive Director Jody Couch that enables and aligns Berkeley’s mission-critical applications and data. Among the goals of this new...

Re-introducing API Central's New Platform Project (08/02/22)

You may remember that last June we originally announced some “big improvements.” The improvements were so big, in fact, that the campus required a full architectural review to ensure that our mission critical service would be secure, performant, and supportable. The good news is that as a result of that successful review, we can now even more confidently announce that…

We're making big improvements to Berkeley's API Management service.

We're transitioning to the...

Dev Portal Deprecated on Monday. (08/12/22)

Key Facts: API Central developer portal to be read-only starting Monday, 08/15, at 9 AM PT New developer portal and API gateway to be available for testing starting Tuesday, 08/16 Extra support channels to be available Current developer portal deprecated

This is to remind you that on Monday morning at 9:00 am the current “API Central” developer portal at https://api-central.berkeley.edu will be deprecated and switched to “read-only” mode. You can continue to rely on it for...

New Developer Portal & API Gateway Officially Released (08/16/22)

Key Facts: The new developer portal is now available at https://developers.api.berkeley.edu The new API gateway is now available at https://gateway.api.berkeley.edu Several support channels are available New developer portal is here!

The revised “API Central” developer portal is now available for your use. All API settings and documentation, as...