New Platform Transition on Hold. (07/21)

On June 15 you received an email about Engineering & Integration Services’ (EIS) transition from a mix of platforms to full use of Amazon Web Services and the impacts that it will have on you and your teams as API providers and/or consumers. In that email, we previewed anticipated milestones for mid-July and mid-October.

Subsequent to that announcement, EIS learned that we will be joining Campus Applications & Data, a new IT unit led by Executive Director Jody Couch that enables and aligns Berkeley’s mission-critical applications and data. Among the goals of this new organization is to ensure that the technical solutions provided to campus not only provide a coherent experience for users but also seek to exercise common tools and approaches where possible to ease long term development and maintenance across our various applications. As we’ve been an IS&T leader in AWS, this is a great opportunity to share what we’ve learned and contribute to the overall Campus Applications & Data AWS strategy.

Given that, a decision has been made to move out the July and October milestones. We’ll keep you posted as we resume this work in the coming weeks and months.