How do I start using the new API gateway?

I want to change my application code to send API requests through the new service gateway. What do I have to change?

All you have to do is change the domain part of any API requests your application makes from "" to "" For example, the request "GET" should be changed to "GET". If you've set the host domain as a constant in your application code, this should be a snap!

Be sure to make this change in your pre-production test environment first and run tests that cover all of your use cases. The new gateway does have additional layers of security, including a web application firewall, so some edge cases won't work like they did on the deprecated gateway. For example, it rejects API calls that don't include the standard "Accept" and "User-Agent" header parameters (see the FAQ on requests that worked before but get error responses on new gateway for more details).

Also, since the new gateway is cloud-based, if your application is hosted in RFC1918 address space (e.g you'll need to use a proxy or NAT service (see the Known Issue on RFC1918 networks for details.)

If you're having any difficulty using the new gateway, please let us know by emailing or slacking us at #api-transition-help Include what network/IP address your application is using, the app_id used, and the timeframe in which you made the troublesome requests, along with the nature of the errors you're seeing.