Frequently Asked Questions concerning the API Management service transition to AWS.

Why does a request that works on the deprecated gateway return an error on the new one?

When I send identical requests to the deprecated gateway and to the new one, I get the expected "200 Success" response from the old one but "403 Forbidden" from the new one. What has changed?

While there are a number of subtle differences between the gateways that may result in different responses to identical requests, the most likely cause for unexpected error responses is the increased coverage and precision of AWS' Web Application Firewall (WAFV2). We've dialed back some of its restrictions to allow for a less troublesome transition, but it effectively enforces best practices that we all should already be following, so you may see some gotchas.


How do I start using the new API gateway?

I want to change my application code to send API requests through the new service gateway. What do I have to change?

All you have to do is change the domain part of any API requests your application makes from "apis.berkeley.edu" to "gateway.api.berkeley.edu" For example, the request "GET https://apis.berkeley.edu/sis/v2/students/61889?id-type=campus-uid" should be changed to "GET https://gateway.api.berkeley.edu/sis/v2/students/61889?id-type=campus-uid". If you've set the host domain as a constant in your application code, this should be a snap!

Be sure to make this change in your pre-production test environment first and run tests that...

What happened to my credential request on the old dev portal?

I requested new access credentials on the old developer portal before it was deprecated, but haven't gotten a response. How do I find them?

Any requests submitted on the old developer portal but not processed before it was deprecated have been transferred to the new portal.

Once you receive an email letting you know your request has been approved, you'll need to add a secret app_key:

Go to the new developer portal at https://developers.api.berkeley.edu. Either click on the "Get Access" (key) icon on the home page, or click "...