What happened to my credential request on the old dev portal?

I requested new access credentials on the old developer portal before it was deprecated, but haven't gotten a response. How do I find them?

Any requests submitted on the old developer portal but not processed before it was deprecated have been transferred to the new portal.

Once you receive an email letting you know your request has been approved, you'll need to add a secret app_key:

  1. Go to the new developer portal at https://developers.api.berkeley.edu.
  2. Either click on the "Get Access" (key) icon on the home page, or click "My Account" on the header menu then "My Credentials" on the right side menu.
  3. Find the credentials on the list displayed and click on their name (in the first lefthand column).
  4. Scroll down past "Plans" and you'll see your new "app_id"–click on the "Create new key" button just below it.
  5. Your new app_key will display at the top of the screen in a "Success" alert box. Copy the key and paste it somewhere very safe (we suggest using the LastPass Business service provided by the Berkeley IT Information Security Office). Once you dismiss the alert, you cannot recover the full key.

Please note, these credentials will only work for requests made through the new API service gateway (https://gateway.berkeley.edu), not on the deprecated one.