Request iHub API Hosting

The DS·IS DevSecOps team can take the time and stress out of hosting an API.

Hosting your API in a perfomant, highly available, and very secure environment isn't simple. That's why we offer to do it for you. Just follow these steps to get your API up and running in our iHub IPaaS.

iHub API Deployment Process Diagram

1. Document Operations

The process begins when you fill out the "API Operational Readiness" form, which provides all the information required to build, deploy, and support your API on iHub. Completing the form creates a ServiceNow ticket, which we'll use to communicate with each other until Jira issues are created (see below).

The form includes sections on: Contacts, Communication Channels, Description & Architecture, External Dependencies, Security, Testing & Monitoring, Reverse Proxy, Build & Deploy, and Operations. It's very comprehensive and may take you a while to fill out, but you can submit it as unfinished at any point, then come back and continue where you left off.

API Operational Readiness form entry

Our DevSecOps team needs to approve the API Operational Readiness documentation as complete before we can schedule deployment. We'll use the ServiceNow ticket for dealing with any questions