Quantum Leap in Applications Switched (10/14/22)

Key Facts:

  • We've measured a "quantum leap" in applications using the new gateway
  • No new bugs or workarounds this week

simple diagram showing how an electron makes a quantum leap

Since our last update, the number pf applications fully using the new gateway has shot up to 36%! And more and more of you seem to have successfully completed testing too–of those using the new gateway, more than one third of the applications are making calls only to production endpoints (though that's not shown on this graph):

histogram showing number of applications using the new gateway, by 10% increments

Still, 60% of applications are making a majority of their calls to the deprecated gateway–and time really is running out. If you're stuck in a private (RFC1918) network, we've got you (we'll be contacting you directly with proposed solutions). Otherwise, please let us know if something specific is keeping you from moving over.

Here's how the overall volume of calls is looking:

line graph comparing the number of calls made on deprecated and new gateway, with trendlines

It turns out that the applications that make the most calls tend not to be moving over, because the volume of calls isn't switching as quickly as the number of apps. That makes sense, because the most mission critical apps need to be most thoroughly tested (and are more likely to be on RFC1918 networks). We're hoping to see the red and blue lines cross soon, and make a big letter "X" by November 11.

All's quiet

We haven't heard of any new "gotchas" or bugs this week, though a client did point out that it's a good practice to test your calls before assuming you need to add "Accept" or 'User-Agent" headers to your requests–your software may be adding them without you knowing.

Remember to keep us informed of any stumbling blocks you encounter, or best practices you suggest. We'll add them to the website and include them here.

Talk to you again soon!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to us at eis-support@berkeley.edu or # api-transition-help on bIT Slack.