This Time We Really Mean It! (11/11/22)

Key Facts:

  • This time we really mean it
  • You need to secure your API credential secrets
  • A proxy for use with private networks is coming

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This time we really mean it

The deadline for changing all of your applications to make API calls through the new gateway ( was originally today, Nov. 11.

As shown below, as of yesterday ~72% of all applications have made the transition (at least into UAT). Unfortunately, ~15% still haven't made any use of the new gateway at all and are in danger of receiving unexpected errors.

stacked area chart showing the proportion of applications using old & new gateways

Because today is Veterans' Day, and also because workarounds are still pending (see below, for instance), we've extended the deadline to Monday, Nov. 28. (This essentially gives you only one more week, since the Thanksgiving week soft curtailment is 11/21-25.)

If you're having trouble making the necessary changes, you must contact us by EOB Friday, Nov. 18 at for assistance. After 11/28, all API traffic will be forced on to the new gateway, which may result in unexpected errors in your applications.

Secure your existing API credential secrets

The deadline for use of the deprecated developer portal is EOB this Monday, Nov. 14. As we've described previously, only the last four characters of your credential's secret (app_key) will display on the new developer portal.

how app_keys are displayed on the new developer portal

In order to continue access to its full value, you need to copy it from the deprecated portal and store it securely elsewhere. (CalNet offers free use of LastPass Business accounts to store all of your unit’s API credentials.)

A proxy for use with private networks is coming

As previously reported as a known issue for campus private networks, access to the new gateway requires some sort of proxy service. We'll be releasing a free proxy service for those who can't provide their own as soon as it's completed full behavior and performance testing. Look for it next week!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to us at or # api-transition-help on bIT Slack.